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The Nexel Catalog

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Spec Sheets

  • Nexel Spec Sheet 100 -

    Wire Shelving

    Download Spec Sheet: 223Kb or 29.2MB

  • Nexel Spec Sheet 101 -

    Wire Shelf Stem Caster Truck

    Download Spec Sheet: 183Kb or 37.9MB

  • Nexel Spec Sheet 102 -

    Nexel Plastic Mat Shelving

    Download Spec Sheet: 1.01MB or 4.13MB

  • Nexel Spec Sheet 103 -

    Nexel Solid Steel Shelving

    Download Spec Sheet: 222kb or 28.3MB

  • Nexel Spec Sheet 104 -

    Nexel Wall Shelving System

    Download Spec Sheet: 256kb or 48.9MB

  • Nexel Spec Sheet 105 -

    Space-Trac Shelving System

    Download Spec Sheet: 421kb or 1.01MB

  • Nexel Spec Sheet 106 -

    Dunnage Racks & Shelving

    Download Spec Sheet: 936kb or 5.39MB

  • Nexel Spec Sheet 107 -

    Black Epoxy Shelving

    Download Spec Sheet: 279kb or 53MB

  • Nexel Spec Sheet 108 -

    Nexel Best Value Kit

    Download Spec Sheet: 169kb or 78.7MB